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Science Park High School

Take C.H.A.R.G.E. of the future!


About Our School

The Science Park mission is to offer students a high quality educational experience. Our students will be prepared to engage in further study and make lifelong contributions in the STEM fields, with an appreciation for the arts. Our rigorous curriculum is punctuated by college level coursework driven by interdisciplinary study, research, ethical leadership, global perspective, and service.

Unique Fact

Science Park is the number 1 ranked and selected school of choice in Newark. Science Park is ranked in the top 10% of all public high schools in the nation. - US News & World Report.

School Information

  • Principal

    Darleen Gearhart

  • Address

    260 Norfolk Street
    Newark, NJ 07103

  • Phone Number


  • Parent Liaison

    Wesley Jenkins

  • School Hours

    8:10 am - 2:40 pm

  • Uniform Colors

    Top: Blue
    Bottom: Khaki

  • Before School Options

    None offered at this school

  • After School Options

    None offered at this school

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More Information

Seats Available
Seats Available in Entry Grade last Year Grade 9: 244 NA
Percentage of Applicants Who Listed This School
1st and Were Matched to this School Last Year
School Attendance
Average Daily Attendance Last School Year Percentage of Students Chronically Absent Last School Year
95% 10%
School Data
Average Section Size Student to Teacher Ratio Teachers with 5 or more years of experience Retention of Effective and Highly Effective Teachers Percentage of Teachers with Advanced Degrees
26 13 to 1 57% 98% 45%
Gradution Rates
Graduation Rates 2020-2021 Graduation Rates 2021-2022 Graduation Rates 2022-2023
99% 97% 97%
Number of Devices 1:1
Magnet/Specialized School Admissions Criteria

• Transcript/Grades
• Attendance
• Standardized test scores
• Submit Newark Enrolls application
• Admissions Test

*Please note that sibling preference does not apply to magnet schools. Please visit www.newarkenrolls.org for a list of up-todate criteria.

For more information on school performance, please see the NJDOE’s website: www.nj.gov/education/data