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Mount Carmel Guild Cares

About Our School

Mount Carmel Guild Cares enables preschool-age children to learn life skills, responsibility, leadership, cooperation, conflict resolution and the art of compromise by teaching readiness skills in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and the arts. We believe the care we provide directly affects children’s development at a crucial time in their lives. We also believe that we have a great influence in shaping who the child will become. We strive to continue learning and growing so that we can nurture our children in a warm, loving, and peaceful environment.

School Information

  • Site Director

    Dorothy Cimo

  • Address

    594 North 7th Street
    Newark, NJ 07104

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  • School Hours

    8:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Uniform Colors

    Top: Light Blue
    Bottom: Navy Blue

  • Before School Options

    Cost: Free
    Grades: PK3-PK4
    Start Time: 7:30 AM
    Provider: School

  • After School Options

    Cost: Free
    Grades: PK3-PK4
    End Time: 5:30 PM
    Provider: School

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School Attendance
Average Daily Attendance Last School Year Percentage of Students Chronically Absent Last School Year
91% 31%
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