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Community Hills Early Learning Center

About Our School

Community Hills Early Learning Center (CHELC) provides quality care in a rich learning environment for children. It is located on the grounds of the Community Hills Town Home Development. Community Hills Learning Center is a state-of-the art early childhood education and childcare facility. CHELC provides full-time, year-round services. The primary program of providing nurturing care and quality educational experiences is supplemented by nutrition, health, and family support services. Children at our Center are encouraged to investigate, be inquisitive, and seek their own solutions. Our curriculum is flexible and geared to each child’s interests. Each classroom is equipped with a complete array of educational materials, library, games, Smart Board, and other learning tools. Above all, our Early Learning Center is also involved in several partnerships that strengthen its mission of providing a high-quality program for students. Community Hills Early Learning Center ensures that children reach their fullest potential within a rich multicultural setting, focusing on the collaboration between parents, school, and the community.

School Information

  • Site Director

    Sr. Maurice Liguori Okoroji

  • Address

    85 Irvine Turner Boulevard
    Newark, NJ 07103

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  • School Hours

    8:25 am - 2:55 pm

  • Uniform Colors

    Top: White or Yellow short sleeve polo shirt; long sleeve polo shirt; short sleeve blouse; long sleeve blouse; Green V neck cardigan; Green pull-over sweater; Green V neck vest
    Bottom: Green or Grey pants; Gray skirt for girls; Plaid Jumper

  • Before School Options

    Cost: Free
    Grades: PK3-PK4
    Start Time: 6:30 AM
    Provider: School

  • After School Options

    Cost: Free
    Grades: PK3-PK4
    End Time: 5:30 PM
    Provider: School

More Information

School Attendance
Average Daily Attendance Last School Year Percentage of Students Chronically Absent Last School Year
90% 38%

For more information on school performance, please see the NJDOE’s website: www.nj.gov/education/data