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Ironbound Academy Elementary School

Building a Strong Foundation of Leaders


About Our School

The Ironbound Academy Elementary School is a dynamic school community of learners that celebrates their unique qualities to become the problem solvers of the future. Students at Ironbound Academy participate in the Project Lead the Way STEM program which provides transformative learning experiences for all students through an engaging, hands-on classroom experience that empowers students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills that they need to thrive in today’s world.

The Ironbound Academy Elementary School community is committed to “Building Strong Foundations” among our learners to become leaders in both the local and global community.

Unique Fact

Ironbound Academy is located in the heart of the Ironbound next to East Side High School and Independence Park.

*The Ironbound Academy Elementary School is among the new schools that Superintendent León has opened or reopened since his appointment in May 2018.

School Information

  • Principal

    Erica L. Paich

  • Address

    366 East Kinney Street
    Newark, NJ 07105

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  • School Hours

    8:25 am - 2:55 pm

  • Uniform Colors

    Top: White
    Bottom: Navy Blue

  • Before School Options

    Cost: Free
    Grades: K-6
    Start Time: 7:30 AM
    Provider: School

  • After School Options

    Cost: Free
    Grades: K-6
    End Time: 5:30 PM
    Provider: School

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Seats Available
Seats Available in Entry Grade last Year PK: NA K: 60
Percentage of Applicants Who Listed This School
1st and Were Matched to this School Last Year
School Attendance
Average Daily Attendance Last School Year Percentage of Students Chronically Absent Last School Year
95% 6%
School Data
Average Section Size Student to Teacher Ratio Teachers with 5 or more years of experience Retention of Effective and Highly Effective Teachers Percentage of Teachers with Advanced Degrees
22 13 to 1 25% 92% NA
Number of Devices 1:1

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