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Elementary Schools

Schools That Begin in Pre-K or K

School NameSchool CodeGrades ServedAddressSchool Type
Abington Avenue46PK - 8209 Abington AveDistrict
Achieve Community Charter School732K-2; 517 Lyons AveCharter
Ann Street49K- 830 Ann St; 55 Komorn StDistrict
B.R.I.C.K. Avon Academy51K - 8219 Avon AveDistrict
B.R.I.C.K. Peshine Avenue88PK - 8433 Peshine AveDistrict
Belmont Runyon52K - 81 Belmont-Runyon WayDistrict
Benjamin Franklin72PK- 442 Park AveDistrict
Branch Brook56PK-4228 Ridge StDistrict
Bruce Street (For students with Communication Disabilities)58K - 8333 Clinton PlDistrict
Camden Street60PK - 8281 Camden StDistrict
Chancellor Avenue 62K - 8321 Chancellor AveDistrict
Cleveland64PK- 8388 Bergen StDistrict
Dr. E. Alma Flagg 74K - 8150 3rd StDistrict
Dr. William H. Horton 73K - 8291 N. 7th StDistrict
Elliott Street68PK -7721 Summer AveDistrict
Early Childhood School-South at Chancellor Annex140PK26 Speedway AveDistrict
Early Childhood School-West at Old Speedway100PK321 Chancellor AveDistrict
Early Childhood School-North at Gladys Hillman Jones 39PK24 Crane StDistrict
Early Childhood School-Central at Berliner102PK70 Montgomery StreetDistrict
First Avenue70PK - 8214 First AveDistrict
Fourteenth Avenue71K - 6186 14th AveDistrict
George W. Carver163PK - 8333 Clinton PlDistrict
Great Oaks Legacy Charter School731PK-12Multiple LocationsCharter
Harriet Tubman97PK- 6504 S. 10th StDistrict
Hawkins Street75K - 88 Hawkins StDistrict
Hawthorne Avenue76PK - 8428 Hawthorne AvenueDistrict
Ivy Hill110PK - 8107 Ivy StDistrict
KIPP: New Jersey (formerly TEAM Charter schools)726K-12Multiple LocationsCharter*
Lafayette Street77PK-8205 Lafayette StDistrict
Lincoln 78PK - 887 Richelieu TerraceDistrict
Luis Munoz Marin36PK- 8663 BroadwayDistrict
Marion P. Thomas Charter School 715K-8K-4: 370 South 7th St; 5-8: 308 S. 9th StCharter
McKinley81PK - 81 Colonnade PlDistrict
Mount Vernon85PK- 8142 Mt. Vernon PlDistrict
New East Ward SchoolPK3-8104 Oliver StreetDistrict
New Jersey Regional Day 600K - 12334 Lyons AveDistrict
North 10th St School 401PK-4284 First AveDistrict
Newark Educators' Community Charter School718PK4 - 49-11 Hill StCharter
North Star Academy Charter School721K - 12Multiple LocationsCharter*
Oliver Street87PK-886 Oliver StDistrict
Park400PK-8120 Manchester PlDistrict
Philip's Academy Charter School723K - 8342 Central AveCharter
Quitman Street89PK- 821 Quitman StDistrict
Rafael Hernandez95PK - 8345 BroadwayDistrict
Ridge Street90K - 8735 Ridge StDistrict
Roberto Clemente99PK - 4257 Summer AveDistrict
Roseville Community Charter School725K - 4540 Orange StCharter
South Seventeenth96K - 8619 S. 17th StDistrict
South Street93PK - 844-48 Hermon AveDistrict
Speedway Academies98K - 8701 S. Orange AveDistrict
Spencer Miller Communiy School 145PK - 866 Muhammad Ali AveDistrict
Sussex Avenue101PK- 8307 Sussex AveDistrict
Thirteenth Avenue159PK - 8359 13th AveDistrict
University Heights Charter School729PK4 - 874 Hartford StCharter
Wilson Avenue105K-819 Wilson Ave. District


Middle Schools & High Schools

Schools That Begin in Grades 5 through 9

School NameSchool CodeGrades ServedAddressSchool Type
American History High School 438-1274 Montgomery StDistrict**
Arts High School268-12550 Martin Luther King Jr BlvdDistrict**
Bard Early College119-12321 Bergen StDistrict**
Barringer Academy of S.T.E.A.M.129 - 1290 Parker StDistrict
Barringer Academy of the Arts & Humanities279 - 1290 Parker StDistrict
Central High School289-12246 18th AveDistrict
Eagle Academy for Young Men406 - 12279 Chancellor AveDistrict
East Side High School309 - 12238 Van Buren StDistrict
Great Oaks Legacy Charter School711PK- 12Multiple LocationsCharter
JFK School (For students who are classified Autistic & Multiply Disabled)1075 - 12311 S. 10th StDistrict
M.E.T.S. Charter School7339-12570 Broad StCharter
Malcolm X Shabazz High School319 - 1280 Johnson AveDistrict
Marion P. Thomas Charter High School (Culinary Arts & Performing Arts)7159 - 12Multiple LocationsCharter
People’s Preparatory Charter School7229 - 12321 Bergen St, 2nd FlCharter
Science Park High School 257-12260 Norfolk StDistrict**
Technology High School 389-12187 BroadwayDistrict**
University High School247-1255 Clinton PlDistrict**
Weequahic High School339 - 12279 Chancellor AveDistrict
West Side High School349-12403 S Orange Ave, District



*Multiple locations: If matched to this school, your campus placement will be determined during the registration process.
**Magnet School