Fast Facts

Fast Facts about Universal Enrollment 

  1. How many students sought a new school placement through the enrollment process last year?
    • Most students chose to stay in their current school.
    • 93% of students not in a transition grade chose to remain at their current school.
    • 2,937 students sought a new school through the enrollment process.
  1. How many families overall participated in the enrollment process last year?
    • In total, 11,275 Newark students participated in the process
      • 2,885 rising Kindergarteners
      • 2,829 rising 9th graders
    • Most students whose school offered their next grade chose to stay in their current school: 93.4%
  1. How many families get into their top choice? Or any of their top 3 choices?
    • Last year, 73% of Kindergarten families got their first choice last year. 95% of Kindergarten families got one of their top 3 choices.
    • For 9th graders – 70% got a top 3 choice and 35% got their first choice. This is because the majority of families apply to a magnet school as their first choice and there are not enough magnet seats for all of the students who apply to them.
  1. How many families choose to go to a school in their neighborhood and how many choose to go somewhere else?
    • 37% of families applying for Kindergarten ranked a neighborhood school first.
    • 14% of Kindergarten families list an NPS school outside of their neighborhood first.
    • 49% of Kindergarten families list a charter school first.
  1. I heard there were students outside of my neighborhood that got a seat in a school that I wanted. How does the neighborhood preference work? 
    • The neighborhood preference applies to PK-8th grade schools only at all NPS schools and some charters.
    • Seats in these schools are prioritized for siblings first and then all remaining seats (100%) are prioritized for students who live in the neighborhood.
  1. Are siblings usually matched together?
    • For students who applied to schools where a sibling currently attends, 94% matched to sibling’s school.
    • For families with multiple children who applied to attend a new school together, in 71% of these families, all siblings were matched to the same school.