Family Enrollment Portal

If you are seeking a transfer or need to enroll your student for the first time: 

Please visit the Family Support Center at 301 W. Kinney St. The online portal is now closed for all school enrollment changes 

You may still use the portal to view active waitlists and to update contact information 

Click here for frequently asked questions before making changes to your student’s 2017-2018 enrollment

Log in to the Family Enrollment Portal 

What is the Family Enrollment Portal?

Beginning May 8th, parents may log in to the Family Enrollment Portal. The Family Enrollment Portal is a resource for families to manage student enrollment. A parent/  guardian will be able to review and update the following information immediately:

 Review your child/ren’s current school placement and waitlist status

Download a PDF of your child/ren’s match letter for the purposes of registration

Change your child/ren’s school enrollment to another available school and receive a match immediately (Newark residents only)

Review and update family and student contact information

Add child/ren onto PK waitlists (Newark residents only) and charter school waitlists (Newark and non-Newark residents)

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